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Gamerboard A1 (Rounded Corners) with Grid (Product code: CUBDA1ER0001)

The ultimate tool for tabletop-games.


Complete product description

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Do 24 x 30 inch maps fit into a A1 GAMERBOARD?

Which GAMERBOARD fits for my purpose/game?

Do-It-Yourself GAMERBOARD (see navigation bar)



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Included in delivery:

    • Whiteboard
    • Magnetic board
    • Holding frame
    • ...all in one
  • Plain transparent plastic cover sheet. (Why not glass?)
  • A1 grid sheet included. Please chose below.
  • More grid sheets at a reduced price (see below) available.
  • 4 screws and wall-plugs.
  • Self-adhesive felt (synthetic) for the lower side.


All on items on the photos are included in delivery only if specified in "Included in delivery" above.



Product details:

Outside dimensions
Internal dimensions (map)
Internal dimensions 2 (visible)

Demo Video (YouTube)


  • Extreme solid holding frame made of eloxadized aluminium:
    32 mm wide, 20 mm high.
  • Outside dimensions: 884 x 637 mm
  • Internal dimensions: A1, DIN A1, 841 x 594 mm

    Do 24 x 30 inch maps fit into a A1 GAMERBOARD?

  • Internal dimensions 2: 823 x 576 mm
    (Maps are covered app. 9 mm by the frame)
  • Board and all sheets are writable with whiteboard-markers. The writing is easy to erase.
  • Wall fastening possible: Board is delivered with screws and wall plugs.
  • With self-adhesive synthetic felt (synthetic, color varies) for the back side to protect the table.
  • Back made of iron, white coated. Holds the magnets.
  • On demand (and recommended!) back reinforced with hardboard.



Please note! Important informations:

  • The actual size of cutting and the fields of the grid may differ about one or two percent form the specification.
  • The lower side of the grid foils in size A2 and A1 is coated and not solvent-resistent. You must not write on it. Writing on the lower side of the foil cannot not be erased. The writable upper side of the grid foil is marked "Up". The lower side is water-resistent as long as the water is wiped away immediately.
  • A GAMERBOARD of this size is not suitable for handing it around. It should always stand on an flat and even surface.
  • If your table is smaller than the board, if you want to carry the GAMERBOARD around often or if you want it to stand on an uneven survace, we strongly recommend to select the option "back rienforced with hardboard".
  • We guarantee only for Staedtler Lumocolor Compact 341 and 351 to be suitable for the GAMERBOARD. Even these markers leave scarcely perceptible "shadows" on the sheets. BUT: These "shadows" can be removed with some turpentine. OR: They can also be removed with a few drops of cooking oil and then water and dish liquid! Crazy but true.
  • After some time some light scratches may remain on the transparent sheets. That is inevitable.
  • You can make the GAMERBOARD yourself (See right side on the description-page under "Do-It-Yourself GAMERBOARD").
  • The colors of the displayed articles can differ from those in reality, depending on screen and illumination.


Use Other Magnets


You can use other magnets than those offered in our shop, but you have to take some things into consideration:


Informations about magnets




What is better? Mitred or rounded corners? (open FAQs)

Which size is best? (open FAQs)

Fixation to wall (open FAQs)

Consumer Information 1 (PDF)

Consumer Information 2 (PDF)

Instruction Manual (PDF)

The Grid sheets

If you need more than the here included grids , you can order more in the shop. Grids that are ordered together with a GAMERBOARD have a significant lower price. Set the attribut "Grid Sheet is ordered together with a GAMERBOARD" to Yes when ordering the additional grids.

Pricing information

Important informations about magnets for the GAMERBOARD (FAQs on the main-page).




Attention! Our shipping prices are f...reaking high! Please have a look at them befor you order, to avoid a shock. Shipping prices




Back reinforced with 3 mm hardboard A1 (Ad-On): (May be white oder brown.)
Encreases the stability significantly! Strongly recommended if the board is not permanently fixed somewhere.
You can make that yourself.
Grid Sheet A1 included: Please select your grid.
Grid Sheet A1 additional (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Background Poster A1 (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Stylish background for the GAMERBOARD.
Magnets for massive bases (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Round, selfadhesive.
20 x 1 mm, details
10 x 1 mm, details
Magnets for hollow bases (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Round, NOT selfadhesive.
5 x 3 mm, details
6 x 2 mm, details
10 Pcs. GAMER-PAPER, Graph paper, A1, with Grid, Hexgon 1 Inch (Add on): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Ideal for prefabrication of several maps.
Delivery WITHOUT cardboard tube.
Transparent sheet, same size as board, uncoated (Ad-On): Reduced if bought with a GAMERBOARD.
To prepare additional map layers.
Magnet Pawn Holder (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Selfadhesive magnet pawn holder.
Printable Transparent Sheets, A4, 10 Pcs (Ad-On): 10 sheets printable transparent sheets. One side coated. For inkjet and laser printers. To prepare additional elements for your map. Before you buy a package with 100 sheets you can experiment with these 10 sheets.
Whiteboard Marker (Ad-On): Reduced if bought with a GAMERBOARD.
4 Markers in red, blue, green, black.
Recommendation for A1 and A2: Nr. 351, details
For A3: Nr. 341, details)
Small Bottle for/with cleaning liquid (Ad-On): Reduced when bought with a GAMERBOARD.
Price: 59.90 EUR
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 7.6 Kg
Quantity in stock: 8
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