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Magnet Pawn Holder. (Product code: CUSH00002001)

Reduced when bought with a Gamerboard.


Included in delivery:


  • Light gray, almost white selfadhesive magnet pawn holder.


Please note: The pawns and tokens and the frame on the photo are not included.



Product Details:


  • Light gray, almost white painted steel band (Not available in black.).
  • 1,25 cm wide and about 0,18 mm strong.
  • Can be cut to size with strong scissors.
  • PLEASE NOTE! The glue is really strong. Once attached, the band cannot be removed without deforming it. So aim carefully when attaching the band.



Please select length!


Article is orderd together with a GAMERBOARD or a grid: This option set on "Yes" REDUCES THE PRICE. For articles that are size A3 or larger it may only be selected when you order a GAMERBOARD of the same size or larger. Otherwise the order will be canceled.
Price: 2.20 EUR
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0.01 Kg
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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