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Which Size Is Best?


Pen and Paper: A3 (420 x 297 mm). For roleplay games you usually do not need much space to visualize a gaming situation So an A3-GAMERBOARD is absolutely sufficient (The sniper is anyway far out, somewhere on the bookcase or so...). We are using an A3 board ourselves for the last 5 years.


Tabletop and Strategy Games: A1 (841 x 594 mm). Usualy here the main thing is the space and number of fields your maps has. That is why here the large A1-GAMERBOARD is ideal.


The Compromise: A2 (594 x 420 mm). This size is somewhere "in between". Take an A2 when you think you need really lots and lots of space for your pen and paper maps or when you do not need much space for you tabletop maps or when you can use small grids because the miniatures are so small.


A Tip: Download from our Download Page some grids and print them (and glue them together). This way you get a feeling if the size of the board you intend to buy fits your gaming purpose.


Attention: If you have a small table and you want a large GAMERBOARD compare the size of the table and the size of the GAMERBOARD.


Transport: If you plan to take your GAMERBOARD with you when you go to meet some friends then size A1 is out of question. Even transporting a size A2 GAMERBOARD is not easy. Take an A3 board. We have a useful transport bags for the A3 GAMERBOARDs.




Which Corners Should I Take?


The GAMERBOARD with the mitred corners is a little bit more robust (because the rounded corners are made of plastic) and the grids are a little bit easier to insert. (See Insert Cover Sheet into Rounded Corners.)


On the other hand you cannot hurt yourself at the rounded corners. Maybe they look better, but they cost a little bit more. And they may wear off a little bit after a while.


Insert Cover Sheet into Rounded Corners




Which Color Should I Choose for the Frame?


One tipp: We only have white Magnet-Pawn-Holders. And then ask your wife, your husband, your girlfriend, all your other friends, your mother, your teammates, your interior decorator and your feng-shui-advisor which color is best.


Then write all the answers you get on little sheets of paper, fold them and throw them into the wastebasket. Then pick out one again. Open the folded sheet and roll 1D6. If you get less than 4, take another sheet and roll again. - If you get more than 3 you found the perfect color for your GAMERBOARD.


If you dont like it, take another one.




How Many Magnets Do I Need?


How many Magnets do I need?




Which Grids Do I Need?


Which Grids Do I Need?


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