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The GAMERBOARDs and the Accessories


We try to offer the GAMERBOARD at the lowest possible price. At the moment we produce and sell very low quantities, so we do not have very good purchase conditions for the raw materials and therefor our prices may seem too high for some people. But we cannot offer lower prices at the moment, sorry.


Sales volume:

Calculation for A3

More than 10% is not possible. And this has to cover all labor input and risks.


It is mainly the grid sheets that make the price of the A2 and A1 GAMERBOARD so high. Just check out the price for 20 pieces of a foil print.


The GAMERBOARDs with black frames and with the rounded corners cost more because they mean more work for us and the risk of transport damage is higher.


With most articles, like magnets and board-markers, we can really compete with other webshops.



A Solution for you


For all gamers whom our prices are to high we offer informations for a do-it-yourself board.


And when you have questions about that: Mail us!



Credit Card Expenses


Thanks to the f...unny EU all customers pay for the extra costs for credit card payment, even when they do not pay with credit card. Because we are not allowed to make a difference between customers who pay cash or by banking order and those who use creditcards. But every credit card payment cost us some euros. So we had to raise our prices for all customers. - Feel free to send your complaints to Brussels.



Shipping is really expensive


Shipping Costs


The prices of our post-service are really outrageous. For a 2 kg parcel from Austria to adjacent Germany for example they charge 14,20 Euro, while a parcel within Austria or within Germany costs about a third (Status 2015). We found a company that delivers our parcels to some countries for two thirds of the price of our post service. But this is still unpleasently high.


A distributing warehouse in other countries, that would make delivery cheaper, is really no option at the moment.



Why extra packing prices?


Many shops just add the costs for packing to the product prices. This means that customers who buy more than one article pay a lot more hidden packing prices than customers who buy just on article. We think this is not fair.


Customer-reviews: For reading or wirting Customer-reviews please see our Facebook page or the page Press & Reviews. The review tool in our shop was unfortunately abused to spam us.


)A As an Amazon partner, we earn on qualified sales after clicks on the Amazon links.


The articles in this shop are not suitable for children under 12 years.