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About Us

We have a new prize draw.

(It ended on 2019-11-02)


Prize Draws


We are Gamers.


A "motley crew" across all age groups. We play all sorts of games, pen & paper, from Shadowrun to Fate, tabletop games, card games, and computer games too.

How an idea became a product.


It all started with the discussions that occure in all pen and paper gaming groups sooner or later.

We, the GAMERBOARD pen-and-paper round, have been looking for a present for a friend, fellow player and game master who has been playing with us for years.


And we found something!

Folks, a mail order store is real fun. Here's a nice example, how funny this business can be. More cases of that kind and we are closing.


And to get that clear: These are only the milestones in this story. In fact there was a lot more email and mail traffic.

We try to offer the GAMERBOARD at the lowest possible price. At the moment we produce and sell very low quantities, so we do not have very good purchase conditions for the raw materials and therefor our prices may seem too high for some people. But we cannot offer lower prices at the moment, sorry.


For all gamers whom our prices are to high we offer informations for a Do-It-Yourself-GAMERBOARD.

We have a new prize draw.

(It ended on 2019-05-31)


Prize Draws


In February 2019 we have a prize draw.

(It ends in 28.02.2019)


Prize Draws


In June 2018 we have a prize draw.

(It ended on 2018-12-31)


Prize Draws


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