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About Us

In June 2018 we have a prize draw.

(It ended on 2018-06-24)


Prize Draws


In April 2018 we had a prize draw.

(It endes on 2018-05-31)


Prize Draws


In September 2017 we have a prize draw.

(It ended on 2017-11-12)


Prize Draws


In June 2017 we had a prize draw.

(It ended on 2017-07-31)


Prize Draws


Pegasus publishing company has sent us a dozend quickstart rules for the RPG "7th Sea" (in German).


We add this 40 pages booklet to our delivery if the customer asked it.


That is why we dont accept payment after delivery any more.


Heareth the curse: These persones did not pay!

Damned are their chars, dice and XP.

At the end of November 2016 we were happy to start a cooperation with the Pegasus publishing company to make a loterie together with us. (The loterie ended on 2016-12-11)


We did this on our facebook page and Pegasus did it on the Shadowrun 5 page.

Customer-reviews: For reading and wirting Customer-reviews please see Press & Reviews or our Facebook page. The review tool in our shop was abused to spam us and therefore deactivated.


)A As an Amazon partner, we earn on qualified sales after clicks on the Amazon links.


The articles in this shop are not suitable for children under 12 years.