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The answer is "YES, BUT...".


First of all: We have transparente 24 x 30 inch grids. They are meant to be used without Gamerboard.

Quadratic 24 x 30 Inch Grid

Hex 24 x 30 Inch Grid


There are a lot of 24 x 30 inch maps on the market. That is why gamers often ask us if these maps fit into an A1 Gamerboard.


These 24 x 30 inch maps fit into an A1 Gamerboard, but on one side the A1 Gamerboard is too long. That won't hurt. And on the other side the A1 Gamerboard is a little bit too short. But it is not that short that 24 x 30 inch maps would not fit into the frame. They are just bent a little bit at the edges. This should not hurt either.


The maximum size of a map that can be placed in an A1 Gamerboard is 62 x 86 cm.


See detailed graphics below and decide yourself.















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