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10 Magnets Test Set (Product code: CUMA0X0X1001)

Reduced when bought with a Gamerboard.


Included in delivery:


  • Set of 10 extrastrong neodym-magnets.
  • 2x Diameter 5 mm, 3 mm thick.
  • 2x Diameter 6 mm, 2 mm thick.
  • 2x Diameter 10 mm, 1 mm thick, self-adhesive.
  • 2x Diameter 15 mm, 1 mm thick, self-adhesive.
  • 2x Diameter 20 mm, 1 mm thick, self-adhesive.


Tokens/Pawns not included.



Product Details:


  • For testing wich magnets fir best for your purpose.
  • Holds even large miniatures in position effortlessly.
  • The magnets should have a minimum distance of 6 mm on the GAMERBOARD.
  • Fixation of the non-self-adhesive magnets: Double-sided tape works, but if you really want it last, use two-component adhesive or hot-melt adhesive (Be carefull! Hot-melt adhesive may bend plastic-bases.).



Important informations about magnets for the GAMERBOARD (FAQs on the main-page).

Article is orderd together with a GAMERBOARD: This option set on "Yes" REDUCES THE PRICE. For articles that are size A3 or larger it may only be selected when you order a GAMERBOARD of the same size or larger. Otherwise the order will be canceled.
Price: 5.90 EUR
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0.02 Kg
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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