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Transparent Grid Sheet A1 (84,1 x 59,4 cm) Quadratic 1 Inch (Prod.No.: CUFOA1QU1Z01)

Price: 16.39 EUR (without additional options)
Also available as Grid Paper!


Alternative: 1-Inch Grid Paper (Amazon)A

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Game grid for all pen and paper role play games, tabeltop gaming and strategy games (consim).



Included in delivery:


  • Transparent thin PET sheet (clear overlay) with grid (quadratic 1 inch).




Available Background Poster:

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Grid fits into GAMERBOARD A1

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Product Details:


  • Sheet is GAMERBOARD accessory. It can be used without Gamerboard, but then an additional cover-sheet is recommended.
  • Size: A1 (DIN A1, 841 x 594 mm).
  • With 23 x 31 quadratic fields. Field-width (side to side) 1 inch. The grid does not reach the edge of the sheet (see image "Complet View" above).
  • Thickness 0,1 mm.
  • Line weight app. 0,15 mm.
  • Writable with whiteboard markers and overhead markers. Writing erasable.
    BUT: We recommend to put a cover sheet on top of the grid sheet to protect it.


Tabletop and RPG Transparent Grid Sheet (Clear Film)

Game grid, battlemap, quadratic or hexagon fields, transparente (clear) foile (sheet), for rolle play games (rpg), pen-and-paper-, tabletop and strategy games, inch, centimeter, millimeter, film, plastic





Please note:

  • The actual size of the fields of the grid may differ about one or two percent form the specification. The size of the sheet itself may differ one or two millimeters from the specification. These grids are made for gaming and not for technical drawing.
  • The lower side of this grid foil is printed and not solvent-resistant. You must not write on it. The writable upper side of the grid foil is marked "Up". The lower side is water-resistant as long as the water is wiped away immediately.
  • Remove whiteboard marker writing carefully. Be careful not to scratch the surface when wiping.
  • Preferably put the transparent cover sheet (which comes with the GAMERBOARD) over the grid sheet to protect it.
  • We can guarantee the sheet to be suitable only for Staedtler Lumocolor and Stanger BM240. Other markers may work as well, but we do not guarantee this. Even these markers leave scarcely perceptible "shadows" on the sheets. BUT: These "shadows" can be removed with a little cooking oil and then water and dish liquid. You can also use solvents like turpentine, but test the solvent on a small spot on the border of the sheet. Oil or solvent should not be used for the lower side.
  • After some time some light scratches may remain on the transparent sheets. That is inevitable. Better put another clear overlay over it as protection.

Game grid, battlemap, quadratic or hexagon fields, transparente (clear) foile (sheet), for rolle play games, pen-and-paper-, pabletop and strategy games, inch, centimeter, millimeter. Battle mat Path finder Flip mat transparent, film, plastic.

EAN 7426774671056

Product - Options

Background Poster A1 (Optional Add-on): PosterReduced when bought with a Gamerboard or grid.
Stylish background for the Gamerboard.
Transparent sheet, same size, uncoated (Add-on): SheetReduced when bought with a Gamerboard or grid.
Recommended when you intend to draw frequently with whiteboard markers on board or grid-sheets. There is always a residual risk that not everything can be wiped off the grid sheet.
As additional protection or to prepare additional map layers.
Printable Transparent Sheets A4 or A3 (Add-on): SheetReduced when bought with a Gamerboard or grid.
Printable transparent sheets. One side coated. For inkjet and laser printers. To prepare additional elements for your map. Before you buy a package with 100 sheets you can experiment with these sheets.
Details A4
Similars on Amazon (A4) )A
Details A3
Similars on Amazon (A3) )A
Marker pens (Add-on):

PensReduced when bought with a Gamerboard or grid.
Whiteboard or Chalk Marker.

Whiteboard Maker Nr. BM240, Details
Similars on Amazon )A
Chalk Marker SMQ-606, details (Not aivailabe)
Compare Whiteboard and Chalk Marker.

Dropping Bottle for/with cleaning liquid (Add-on): BottleReduced when bought with a Gamerboard or grid.
Similars on Amazon )A
Retaining Clips: Clip 2 Pcs. Prevent grid sheets and background posters from slipping when placed on top of each other if used without Gamerboard. These clips are better than ordinary paper clips because paper clips may kink the foil.
Similars on Amazon )A
REDUCTION! Article is orderd several times or together with a Gamerboard or (another) grid: This option set to "Yes" REDUCES THE PRICE. It may only be set to "Yes" if one of the following items is purchased at the same time:
  • One more of of this one.
  • A grid of the same size.
  • A grid of a larger size.
  • A Gamerboard of the same size.
  • A Gamerboard of a larger size.
Otherwise the order will be cancelled.
from 5 pcs. 13.11 EUR / pcs.
(including the selected options)
Price: 16.39 EUR (including the selected options)
16.39 EUR (without additional options)
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0.1 Kg
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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