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Image File for Portrait Dice Engraving (Product code: CUWUFI000001)

Custom-Made Gamer Team Dice

One thing: The explanation here may sound a bit difficult. (This may be our fault...) It's quite simple, really.

So, if you have any questions, please just call us or send us an email!




The Idea:


  • Custom-made dice with your portrait on one side.
  • Use them as gamer friendship dice: To swap or to give away.
  • Many games have their own dice. Why not have some of your own for you and your team?


More Photos of Protrait Dice



Dont Buy a Pig in a Poke

You only pay if you like the monochrom portrait we make. (See below)



You need:


Part 1: This file here.

Part 2: Dice that are blank on one side and someone who engraves the images on these dice.

Part 2: These dice here.



How to get your dice


  1. You choose the color of your dice and the portrait.  Details
  2. You mail us the portrait photo and the color of the dice and the color your portrait.  Details
  3. We make a monochrom picture from your photo.  Details
  4. We email you a photomontage.  Details
  5. You decide if you want to have the monochrome picture and if you want to pay for it.  Details
  6. You order as many dice as you want.  Details


Any questions? Contact Us




Part 1: Image File for Portrait Dice Engraving (This product here)


From your photo we make a monochrome image file for the engraving. And you have no NO RISIK! If we do not succeed in making a monochrome image that you like then this is unfortunate because you will not get your custom-made portrait dice. But then you will not have to pay anything!


And yes, the people on the dice on the photos above are members of the GAMERBOARD Team. See if you recognize them in the photo gallery.



Part 2: Dice with Engraving


When you order directly at the engraver, it is less expensive!

Engraver Balticut.com


If you want to order in our webshop:

Dice with Gamer Portrait Engraving




Included in delivery:


  • A Photoshop file with a monochrom image made from your photo, ready to be engraved to dice.
  • The dice and the engraving are NOT included here. You have to order the dice separately. Either here in our shop or at an engraver. We let our dice engrave here:  Balticut.com





Product Details:


  • A Photoshop file with a monochrom picture and transparent background ment to be engraved on a monochrome D6 by laser.
  • The picture may substitute the 1 or the 6 on the dice.
  • Dice colors: white, yellow, red, dark blue, dark green, black.
  • Dice edge length app. 16 mm.
  • Engraving area app. 11 mm diameter.
  • Please note: A laser engraved picture is not as sharp as on a laser print (see fotos above) but a lot more durable. A print would wear off after some time.





You can ask for a second delivery of the picture file. We will store your monochrom picture file for about 6 months. This costs nothing.


Price: 6.90 EUR
Incl. 20 % TAX plus shipping
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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