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Have a real close look at the pictures! There is more behind them than you think.

Take a look behind the scenes of our global active company.


Thinktank 2016. The maste­r­minds of our develope­ment de­part­ment.
Thinktank 2018. Working hard.
Cutter. The auto­nomous­ly work­ing cutter for grid sheets.
Magnet Sorter. Sor­ting magnet buttons autonomously.
Quality Control. Constantly checking everything.
Computer Center. Our super modern data storage.
Storage. Where 1000s of GAMER­­BOARDs wait for their buyers.
Packing-Unit. The perfect facility for the way from storage to transport.
Transport. Trans­port­ capacity for many, many GAMER­BOARDs.
Administration. Effi­zien­t or­ga­ni­sa­tion and perfect ma­na­gement.
Callcenter. Technically up-to-date to help our customers.
PR. Pro­fe­ssio­nal multimedia mar­ke­ting.
Debt Collecting Unit. Our friendly staff reminds customers of forgotten bills.
Monthly dividend payout to the shareholders
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