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The Original
In use since 2013. This Photo (2019): Heavy Shadowrun shootout!
Mafia bar
By Stephan H.
Team Dice
We've got our own dice!
By Kai
Game-Event: "Donner und Sturm" by Kai Frerich on blogspot.co.at
Before and after the carnage.
Denis,the winner of our prize draw in sommer 2017.
By Tom.
Patrick, one of the winners of our contest September 2016.
By Gerrit
On alles-ist-zahl.blogspot.co.at
Infinity 1
The paper buildings are held by magnets.
Infinity 2
The paper buildings are held by magnets.
DSA at Alexander's.
Fragged Empire
Fragged Empire Oneshot. By Michael.
DnD in UK
DnD in England. By Dave.
The Lab
By Patrick.
D10 System
Large board with background poster and inch grid. By Ulrich.
Gamerboard A1 in USA
David T.'s A1 GAMERBOARD in California.
OP Nordwind
© Anna S..
DnD with Grid
©Lukas D.
GB-Tisch 1
Photo 1 of the great construktion by Alexander K.
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