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Which is better? A comparison and some photos to help you decide.


Opaque no yes
Transparent yes no
Visible on Black hardly very good
Plentifulness good moderate
Tip convertible no yes
Drying 5 sek 60 sek
Remove Sometimes solvent needed Water soluble
Leaking Hardly possible. Possible if you are careless.
Ready for Use Instantly. Shake before use.




Whiteboard Marker



  • They dry quickly.
  • They last quite long if you always close them well.
  • Leaking hardly possible.
  • Instantly.ready for use.



  • They are not opaque. On a dark background they are hardly visible. Bright colors like yellow or white make no sense.
  • The tip can not be selected.
  • If the lines are long dried sometimes solvent is needed for complete removal.




Chalk Marker



  • They are opaque like paint. On a dark background they are perfectly visible.
  • The tip can be turned over. You can choose between chisel tip and round tip.
  • Easily to remove with water.



  • They dry quite slowly. It takes about 1 minute.
  • Moderately lasting, as more color comes from the pen than from a whiteboard marker.
  • Leaking possible if you are careless.
  • Shake before use necessary.

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