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Magnetic Whiteboard with Grids for RPGs


Universal Gamemaster Screen

A Gamemaster Tool


If you ever were gamemaster in role play game then you certainly have heard something like this before over the GM screen:


Universal Gamemaster Screen

"Why am I within the radius of this spell? I hide behind that rock! The magician can not see me from his position! How can he then put a spell on me?"

 universal gamemaster screen

It's not easy to be GM. Many role plays have sophisticated rules when it comes to positions and distances of the characters. It helps if you can see the situation, not just in the mind's eye. And so most gamemasters sooner or later prepare some sort of universal gamemaster screen with drawings and maps.


We too tryed scetches with paper and pencil in our role play meetings and used some cookies to illustrate the environment and the positions of our characters.

 Universal gamemaster screen

The only unpleasant thing was that sooner or later one of us accidentally pushed the table and messed up the whole game situation. To get this problem under control we got us a pinboard made of cork and used the pins as chars.

 Universal gamemaster screen

We then tried RPG map generators, we downloaded a lot of floor plans and even made various drawings ourself. Then a new problem emerged: If you put pins in plans and sketches, they make holes. And that's not good for a map (a universal gamemaster screen), especially if you want to use the map later on other occasions.


So we tryed a magnetic board. We had to test a larger amount of magnets, because many magnets were either too strong or too weak, repelled or attracted each other too strong or fell off the board. But in the end we had no more holes in our universal GM screen.


Soon a new problem arose: Sometimes, depending on the game situation, the GM hat to add something to the drawings and maps attached to our universal gamemaster screen. But if you add something on a sketch or a print with pencil and erased it later, some shades and traces remain.


So we put a transparent film over our gamemaster screen. We now were able to draw with whiteboard markers on the maps and later erase the drawing. The prints and maps where protected by the transparent sheet. Unfortunately this transparent sheet repeatedly slipped out of position.


And then one of our gamers spotted those advertising frames at the supermarket. This was the solution to all our problems! A snap frame with a transparent cover sheet. We only had to add a magnetic bottom. The GAMERBOARD was born.


And when we made some GURPS sessions it became necessary for the gamer master to put a hexagon grid onto the maps and plans. With those the GAMERBOARD was complete. This is how you get it in our web shop today. That's all a GM need for roele play gaming.


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