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The number of magnets you need depends on the games you play. We can give you some examples from our own gaming experience.


Important informations about magnets for the GAMERBOARD (FAQs on the main-page).



RPGs like Shadowrun, GURPS


2 to 4 sets (colored buttons or pawns): We use the tokens on an A3 Gamerboard for the chars and on a separat initiative counter board we use the buttons. And in these games our oponents sometimes are accompanied by a pack of devil rats or drones. So we have to use 2 sets on the board and 2 sets on the counter, that makes 4 sets. The tokens with numbers and the buttons with numbers have proved to be of help here.



RPGs like DSA, Dungenworld, L5R, Mutant


1 or 2 sets (colored buttons or pawns): For these Games we never needed many tokens. Usualy we get by with 2 sets tokens or buttons. You only have a few heros and seldom more than a dozend enemies. And magnets for an initiative counter we do not need here.



Tabletop Miniaturen Games like D&D


1 - 2 Sets selfadhessive or blank magnets: For these games the magnets have to fit under or into the bases of the miniatures. About 10 to 20 magnets (Test Set) are usualy enough.



D-Day, Strategics


40 to 10 pieces (10mm selfadhesive magnets), depending on the game: In taktic or strategy games like D-Day you have lots of units. Realy lots of units. One of the gamers in our group used 5 packs of the set with 20 selfadhesive magnets.



Buy selfadhesive magnets here or somewhere else?


Small amouts, for example to test them: Here it is less expensive to order them in our shop than to order them separately somewhere else.


Larger quantities, over 40, 50 pieces, are probably less expensive in other shops where you get quantity discounts.


Please note: You may use other magnets but there are things to consider.

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