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For Gamerboards, especially for those with rounded plastic corners, inserting the cover sheet is not that easy ... if you do not know this trick.


On the right side a video, below a step by step instruction.


Step by Step Instruction


1. Place the cover sheet in the middle of the frame longitudinally so that it fits into the guidage at the sides while it overlaps on one side.



2. Place the cover sheet into the frame so that it lies in the center of the frame in the guidage. For frames with pointed corners the instruction ends here.


In frames with ronded corners the cover sheet lies now on top of the corner piece.



3. With frames with rounded corners hold the cover sheet in the middle in place and bend it into a slight bend at the corner (not at the lateral edge, but really at the corner!).

See Video




4. With frames with ronded corners now let the cover sheet corner slide under the plastic corner of the Gamerboard. Repeat this procedure at all four corners.

See Video



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