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Fact: The GAMERBOARD has a cover foil made of plastic. And sooner or later it get some scratches.


Question: Why dont you use a glass plate?


Fact: A glass plate does not get scrats and drawings with whiteboard markers are easily removed.



Yes, you can use a glass plate instead of the plastic foil. BUT:


  • The glass plate must not be stronger than 1 mm. Otherwise the magnets wont stick.
  • Thinner plates are very hard to get and the break easily.
  • A 1 mm galss plate means that the magnets do not stick very good. They tend to push each other away if they do not have a soft plastic bottom. The only magnets that would fit are the tokens, because of their special lower side.
  • If you let the frame snap close and do not slow it down, there is a good chance that the glass may break.
  • Transportation of 1 mm glas plates is very risky.



Conclusion: Yes, a glass plate can be useful. If you want to use one then get one at your glazier or buy a poster frame of convenient size that has such a glass plate.

But we dont have it in our shop.


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