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GURPS-Tool for Gamemasters: Magnetic Whiteboard with Grids

How the GAMERBOARD evolved


Everybody who has ever played GRUPS and who was game master knows these complaints from his Gamers only to well:


Download GURPS Grid

"But I did say I went for cover behind that barrel! And why am I within reach of this grenade? And that mage cannot see me from this angle! Why can he cast a spell on me?"

 Download GURPS Grid

As gamemaster life ain't easy. With games, where the rules for distance and position are important, it is mandatory to have a map from the location where the fight takes place. Otherwise problems are unavoidable. GRUPS is a game with extremly detailed distance rules. So every gamemaster finally uses sketches and maps.


And for GURPS your need a hex grid.

 Download GURPS Grid

In our weekly GRUPS sessions we began to get a better overview over the situation with paper and pencil, using cookies as chars (The cookies did not last very long).

 Download GURPS Grid

Regrettably once in a while someone pushed the table. This naturally made a mess of the carefully arranged formations. Logical consequence: a pinboard. With this we were able to fix the position of our chars.

 Download GURPS Grid

We also drew maps of buildings or "organized" them from the internet. We used various GRUPS mapping tools and downloaded plans and designed many sketches. And this led to the next problem: Those carefully designed maps and plans were perforated by the pins. When you want to use them in other occasions this was suboptimal.


The next logical step was a magnetic board for which we bougt many magnets. It took quite a while until we found the perfect magnets for our purpose, magnets that were strong but nevertheless could be placed close to each other without pushing each other appart. In GRUPS the acting chars can stand quite close to each other.


Another problem followed. Occasionally we had to add something to our maps. But only temporarily. So we used pencils to add details and erased them later. This did our maps no good.


A cover sheet over the maps solved this problem. Now you could draw on the maps at your liking with whiteboard markers and wipe everything away easily later. But the cover sheet did not allway stay in place. And the paper-clipps we use to hold the maps and the transparent sheet together were not very pretty either.


And then one of our GRUPS gamers spotted those advertising frames at the supermarket. That was the solution! A snap frame with coversheet. We only had to add a magnetic bottom. The GAMERBOARD was born.


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