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Folks, a mail order store is real fun. Here's a nice example, how funny this business can be. More cases of that kind and we are closing.


And to get that clear: These are only the milestones in this story. In fact there was a lot more email and mail traffic.



31.08.2015We send a Gamerboard A1 to David in California.
21.09.2015The package arrives. Completely destroyed. David makes a damage report at the american mail-service.
22.09.2015Damage report at the austrian mail-service. They say: Compensation has to be claimed by the recipient from the american mail-service.
22.09.2015We send David a new Gamerboard. it arrives some weeks later, undamaged this time.
20.10.2015The american mail-service refuses David the compensation because the austrian mail-service does not send necessary info.
21.10.2015We prompt the austrian mail-service to pay for the damage. After all they are our contractual partner and not the american mail service (which is only their contractual partner).
10.12.2015Mail from the austrian mail-service: They will not pay, because the english(!) mail-service has confirmed that the package has been accepted by the recipient undamaged.
14.12.2015We inform the austrian mail-service that they made their inquiry on the wrong continent and send them again all necessary document including a copy of David's damage claim.
15.12.2015The austrian mail-service promises to check that again.
06.01.2016No message from the austrian mail-service. Repeated request to the austrian mail-service to pay for the damage. This time we threaten to file a lawsuit.
07.01.2016The austrian mail-service refuses any compensation because the american mail-service now says that the package has been insufficiently packed.
08.01.2016We tell the mail-service that we do not intend to send packages in steel-safes. Our lawyer suggests to make an appeal to the Postschlichtungsstelle (mail-arbitration-board?) bevor we file a lawsuit. This we do and get promptly the answer that they will attend to it.
12.01.2016Mail from the Postschlichtungsstelle: the austrian mail-service pays, "as a gesture of goodwill" they say.
17.01.2016After 4 months and 100s of mails and letters: The money arrives on our bank account.

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