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Customer Rating:

Perfect solution for independent gamers.

Get your points right NOW! FOR FREE!

9 different certifikate designs




Product Details


  • All types of points available (XP, AP GP,...).
  • Absolute reliable, Y-ISO 666 certified.
  • Suitabe for all role play systems.
  • Licensed by all acknowledged )1 game producers.
  • High quality, tested by experienced game masters.
  • Permanent, immediate effect.



Customer Opinions


Your Benefit


Now it is no longer necessary to forge your char sheet secretly or to haggle with the game master over the XP/AP/GP after every session. Support your game master. Do not harry or cheat him any longer. Get your points officially yourself!


With the points from GAMERBOARD you can level up your character without endangering it unnecessarily. Every role play adventure becomes a walk in the park. From now on your char is the biggest and strongest on the table. You always win. All your teammates will envy and admire you.



The advantages of GAMERBOARD-Points:

  • Complete independence from the GM.
  • High flexibility in character creation.
  • No more in-game risks for your character.
  • Officially certified origin of the points.



  • There is always a price to pay…always...



Instruction manual:

  1. Choose your price.
  2. Print the certificate.
  3. Level up your char.
  4. Present your game master with the certificate at your next session.
  5. Send us a brief description of the GM's reaction so we can improve our product.




  10% nerd stigma

  1 ounce of gamer lifeblood

  20 D10 minutes bad conscience

Please note: Getting more than one certificate at a time might be a little bit risky with these prices.





)1 Acknowledged by GAMERBOARD

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