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0. The Big Bang

It all began with the discussions all pen and paper gaming groups have sooner or later.

GM: "A shell splinter hits you. You suffer 20 damage."

PC: "But I said I went for cover behind the barrel. And why am I in the radius of the granade explosion?"

GM: "The explosion is 8 meters away and the barrel does not cover you from that side."

PC: "But I'm not standing on this side! And if I had known that it is 8 meters away I would have ducked behind the chest!"

Does this sound familiar to you?



1. Sketches

We startet to use sketches of the environment and situations to make everything clearer and we used cookies for chars. This caused a lot of casualties (for the cookies) and when someone bumped agains the table the chars shifted position.



2. Pinboard

The next logical step was to use a corc pinboard. Nothing could shift any more. But the pins made little holes in the maps.



3. Magnetic Board

So we got us a magnetic board and we ordered a lot of magnets until we finaly found the right magnetic buttons for our purpose. Magnets which are strong and which you can put close to one another whithout them beeing pushed appart.



4. Transparent Sheet

Then we noticed that we often drew pencil marks on the maps and erased them later. This was unhandy and not good for the maps. So we bought some transparent plastic sheets and whiteboard markers.



5. Grids

Then we needed a hex grid for some of the games. Here too it took some time to find the right material and the right grid templates.



6. Clamper

When we put all these things one upon the other they tended to get out of place. We needed a holding mechanism.



7. Frame

After some tries with various gadgets we came upon the holding frames we use now. Needless to say that we had to try several different frame typs to find the best one for our purpose.



8. The first GAMERBOARD

About 6 months and some hundred Euros later we had the first GAMERBOARD (which we still use. It does not realy wear down. We only got us a new transparent cover sheet after two years). We really were enthusiastic about this thing. And we asked ourselves if other gamers might need this thing too. The question arose if somebody even might buy it. And we thought: Yes!



9. Webshop

So we took about thousand Euros and bought the raw materials for the first GAMERBOARDs and installed a webshop. Then we mailed a few internet gaming plattforms if they would like to make a review about the thing. And would you believe it - they liked the thing too!



10. Ad-Ons

We have this project now since 2014. The A3-GAMERBOARD was the first. Because we had a lot of requests for larger GAMERBOARDs we decided in the summer of 2015 to offer boards also in size A2 and A1. To make them larger is not possible because we cannot really ship boards that large.




The futur of the GAMERBOARDs


The GAMERBOARD is a project for idealists. There is not really much money in it (though we would not mind getting more...). On the other side you can waste hours and hours doing the purchases, correspondence, book keeping, tax declarations, delivery and so on. Our goal is to finance chips and beverage for our weekly gaming sessions. We did succeede and reach this goal 2019. But with Corona this is history at the moment. - And no, we do not drink and eat more than you do!



We Are Gamers and Gamers We Stay


We are idealists and so we offer a do-it-yourself instruction for the GAMERBOARD on our website. The GAMERBOARD is not really a new invention, it is a question of buying stuff that is already on sale and diverting it from its intended use. Everybody may copy this for private use.


Our Sales Volume

You can see: This is real biiiiig busines.


Since the beginning of our project we received a lot of positive feedback. We got a lot oft requests from gamers who wanted to make their own GAMERBOARD or something similar. We allways help them when we could. First of all We are gamers and after that we are businessmen. – Though, if this business keeps on running like it is now we will be rich in about 15.000 years!






We have troubles with the Austrian mail service and the other shiping services her who happen to have, here in Austria, all almost the same excessive prices.




Thanks to our community


We got lots of positive feedback, help, hints and ideals from fans all over the world. We want to thank all of them for supporting us. May the dice allways be with you!




Any Questions?


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the GAMERBOARD then just send us an email.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



May the dice be with you,




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