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At the end of November 2017 we were happy to start a cooperation with the Pegasus publishing company to make a loterie together with us. (The loterie ended on 2016-12-11) We did this on our Facebook page in a special Text and, Pegasus did this on the Shadowrun 5 page.


For the lottery drawing Pegasus offered us three Shadowrun books: The Basic Rules (softcover), Megakons 2078 and Datapuls ADL. And we gave a Pegasus ein red A3 GAMERBOARD with various accessories.



As the GAMERBOARD originates from the need to give the gamemaster at Shadowrun sessions a magnetic whiteboard as tool to make the gaming-situations clearer for the gamers it was a lucky coincidence that Pegasus choose thes thre books.


And we are sure that the Shadowrun gaming community was glad to see the GAMERBOARD. After all the GAMERBOARD is the best tool to illustrate complex gaming-situations. And it is the gamemasters choice to use a grid or not.

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