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We are Gamers


That's us

A "motley crew" across all age groups. We play all sorts of games, pen & paper, from Shadowrun to Fate, tabletop games, card games, and computer games too.


Not all of us are "standard nerds". Some of us still go to school or university, some have a job, some have children and we all have other hobbies than gaming too.


And no, we are not the people on the pictures on the homepage. But we are certainly as pretty as they are...


If you want to know what we look like, then have a look at the photo gallery The Company , ... and have a close look, not only at the overview.




We Are Gamers and Gamers We Stay


We are idealists and so we offer a do-it-yourself instruction for the GAMERBOARD on our website. The GAMERBOARD is not really a new invention, it is a question of buying stuff that is already on sale and diverting it from its intended use. Everybody may copy this for private use.


Our Sales Volume

You can see: This is real biiiiig busines.


Since the beginning of our project we received a lot of positive feedback. We got a lot oft requests from gamers who wanted to make their own GAMERBOARD or something similar. We allways help them when we could. First of all We are gamers and after that we are businessmen. – Though, if this business keeps on running like it is now we will be rich in about 15.000 years!






We have troubles with the Austrian mail service and the other shiping services her who happen to have, here in Austria, all almost the same excessive prices.




Thanks to our community


We got lots of positive feedback, help, hints and ideals from fans all over the world. We want to thank all of them for supporting us. May the dice allways be with you!




Any Questions?


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the GAMERBOARD then just send us an email.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



May the dice be with you,



Customer-reviews: For reading and wirting Customer-reviews please see Press & Reviews or our Facebook page. The review tool in our shop was abused to spam us and therefore deactivated.


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The articles in this shop are not suitable for children under 12 years.